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Tree Services Shirley, NY

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Residential Tree Services Shirley, NY


Shirley Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming can serve two purposes: hazard reduction and maintenance. Hazard reduction can get rid of branches that might compromise the structural integrity of the tree; maintenance can make your tree more aesthetically pleasing. We offer both services in order to keep your trees healthy and attractive.


Shirley Tree Takedown and Removal

We never like to get rid of a tree, but sometimes it is necessary for one to come down. We dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape.


Shirley Bucket Truck Services

We can safely remove the largest of trees, with little or no negative impact on the surrounding area. This greatly increases safety for your property, and for our workers. Our 65-foot bucket truck allows safe access for tree pruning and removal. It is especially helpful with dead or damaged trees, and those near power lines or other obstacles such as buildings, fences, and other landscape features.


Shirley Stump Removal

Stumps can be an unsightly blemish on an otherwise stately landscape. Let us help you restore your property to its full glory.


Shirley Large Tree Maintenance

Large trees can grow into dangerous areas, such as near power lines or homes. If you have a large tree to maintain or simply have concerns about its growth pattern, our certified arborists can help.

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