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Patchogue, NY Tree Removal Services

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Patchogue, NY Tree Removal Services

We are a tree care company, and as such, we follow strict best practices and safety guidelines. A common routine tree removal involves powerful tools, branches that reach soaring heights, and a multi-ton tree that can come crashing down; it’s no wonder that you should have a professional come in to take care of a tree that needs to be removed.

Our certified arborists will provide swift and efficient service that is above all, safe. We’re insured and fully licensed to perform every step of the tree removal process, from traffic control and bucket truck services to clean up. We work hard to be your number one source for residential and emergency tree removal, which is why we provide tree services year-round and free estimates to our customers in Patchogue Big Brother Tree Service about providing you with a worry-free experience!

Identifying a Tree that Requires Tree Removal

  • Check the trunk & branches for fungi and other signs of decay — Fungi growth is an indication that the foundational structure of the tree might be compromised. Pay attention to mushrooms growing in the hollow cavities and base of the tree. If this and other signs of decay are seen but not taken care of, it could lead to the collapse of the tree.
  • Look for lightning marks — lightning marks happen when a lightning strike hits a tree and leaves a long streak, in which bark does not grow anymore. If you see multiple marks like this, chances are that it is damaged and probably needs to come down before it falls and damages property, or worse, hurts someone.
  • Check the health of your branches — If you notice that some of your branches are not producing flowers or leaves when they should be, it could be an indication of the overall health of your tree. Additionally, if you notice that some branches don’t have bark, then it could be exposed to disease. It is standard to remove any of these dangerous branches or ones that are already dead so that it does not affect the rest of your tree.
  • Beware of two-trunk trees — If you have a tree in your yard in which the trunk of the tree split and is growing in separate directions, examine the area that they meet. A u-shaped, rounded connection between the trees is usually not a cause for concern. However, a v-shaped connection might need special attention because it could become too unbalanced and split, most likely damaging property. If you have a two-trunk tree, bracing and cabling may help but please don’t try this on your own because it might be dangerous. Have a certified expert help!

Contact Our Tree Removal Team

If you have a tree in your yard that shows any of these signs, then don’t wait! Contact one of our certified arborists at Big Brother Tree Service to come in and inspect it. Catching a problem before it gets worse helps protect you, your family, and your property. From simple trimming of dead branches to the whole tree removal process, we can do it all safely with our zero-impact tree removal services. Contact Big Brother Tree Service to schedule your appointment or 

call us at (631) 873-1596!

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