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Big Brothers Large Tree Maintenance

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Long Island Large Tree Maintenance

Proper Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Means Trees Grow Strong and Healthy.

Tree Climber Trimming Tree by Big Brothers Tree Service

Tree trimming services performed by an ISA certified arborist enhance the natural beauty and structure of young trees. These trees then grow into a well-shaped and healthy part of Long Island City’s urban forest. Proper tree pruning and tree trimming also helps reduce the need for corrective tree services later on. A strong central leader and well-placed branches will minimize tree damage and tree removal due to Long Island NY – Nassau and Suffolk County unpredictable weather. Tree removal is a sour word to some people but as responsible tree managers, Big Brothers Tree Service knows that there are circumstances where tree removal is inevitable. Age, stability, safety, space and sometimes allergies are all considerations that need to be taken into account when analyzing tree removals. When necessary, we perform extensive diagnostic research to confirm the validity of a tree’s removal.

Benefits of Tree Trimming in Long Island NY

Tree trimming provides a variety of benefits to your Long Island NY trees and landscape:

  • Health: Our tree pruning services include the removal of diseased, broken, or dead branches on mature trees and young trees alike for tree protection. This removes disease causing insect habitat and prevents decay-producing fungi from penetrating and infecting other areas of your tree. The removal of live branches is occasionally necessary to allow increased exposure to sunlight and circulation of air within the canopy.
  • Structural: Young tree pruning is pruning performed for structural enhancement. This important procedure helps ensure that your new trees have desirable branch architecture and structural integrity. Proper pruning of specimens when they are young reduces the potential of costly problems and the need for structural support as your landscape matures.
  • Appearance and Restoration: Tree pruning for appearance and restoration is essential for maximizing the beauty of formal plantings, to assist with landscape maintenance and tree preservation.
  • Safety: Tree pruning can protect against storm damage from Long Island ice, snow or wind storms and the danger of falling limbs. This is particularly a concern for trees along pedestrian paths, driveways, and surrounding homes and buildings. Also, it is often necessary to prune trees with low-hanging branches in certain areas in order to eliminate interference with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Visual Access: Increase your landscape’s value, and enhance its beauty with vista tree pruning. Vista pruning creates visual access to golf courses, lakes, gardens or other picturesque views, while maintaining privacy where desired.

Call today for a complimentary tree pruning consultation from Big Brothers Tree Service fully trained professionals and certified arborists. Our certified arborists will create a detailed specification for all pruning work to be performed on your valuable trees.

Costs of Tree Trimming / Pruning

Considerations In Estimating The Costs Associated With Tree Pruning

  • Tree Size
  • Tree Location
  • Equipment Accessibility
  • Tree Condition
  • How long since the last pruning?
  • What are the pruning specifications?
  • Expertise of tree trimming company


There are many factors that affect tree pruning costs. At Big Brothers Tree Service we do not estimate costs until a certified arborist personally looks at the tree. We want to understand what your objectives are, and itemize each individual cost so you understand exactly what will be done and how much each item costs. Our proposals are broken down so the whole job may be undertaken or just a portion of it as to fit with your goals and budget

Contact Our Tree Removal Team

If you have a tree in your yard that shows any of these signs, then don’t wait! Contact one of our certified arborists at Big Brother Tree Service to come in and inspect it. Catching a problem before it gets worse helps protect you, your family, and your property. From simple trimming of dead branches to the whole tree removal process, we can do it all safely with our zero-impact tree removal services. Contact Big Brother Tree Service to schedule your appointment or 

call us at (631) 873-1596!

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